Age Restrictions and Forms


Children less then 2 shouldn’t and are not allowed to ride.

Children 2 to 4 can ride with an adult (the price for a child riding double is the same as an adult).

Children 5 and up ride their own horse if they are big enough (determined at the discretion of the stable). On occasion a 5 year old will be allowed to ride with an adult if the adult is small, the child is small, and we have a horse available that can manage the weight. In these cases we will let the 5 year old ride with an adult but they will still pay the full per person price.



Release forms are required for riding. We have forms for you to sign at all of our stables. All children must have a release form signed by a parent or guardian to ride, so if a child is riding with friends, please print, sign, and bring the minor release form available below.

Download Documents
Release form for adults Download
Release form for minors Download