My friends and I enjoyed the T bone steak dinner ride last evening (5/31). Our guides were fantastic, especially Emma. If not for her guidance I probably would not have made it through the ride. She helped me every step of the way with her knowledge and experience. Thank you for having here as a very valuable employee. So very professional and full of knowledge!

jane, Arizona -

The ride was smooth and beautiful. The landscape was amazing and the wrangler made sure we were all together. It was a great experience.

jill, California -

What a wonderful way to spend an evening, riding into the sunset and returning by moon light.

reggie, West Virginia -

It was very friendly the horses very friendly and calm ;) we had a laugh and its so far the highlight of our trip. LOVED IT!

lena, Ohio -

Great fun, a little slow, I had a large horse and he wanted to pass up the slower horses in front of me. My wifes horse kept stopping all on its own. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT

Jerry, Michigan -