I'm a Veterinarian from Virginia with a fair bit of horse experience - veterinary and riding. I was impressed by how well cared for and how recently shod your horses were. Its obvious you care about both your visitors and horses. Fred made our 2 hour ride fantastic and Jerry was so helpful in picking just the right horse for each rider. You all were the highlight of our trip. I don't feel like there are any improvements to be made.

Tucker, Virginia -

We felt very comfortable on the ride. South Mountain is a perfect location. Great care was taken to make sure we all had the right horses for our riding ability. Our wrangler was great they made sure that the children were safe ,comfortable and having fun. It was the best ride I have ever been on.

Tom, Michigan -

We had a lot of fun. Very polite and respectful wranglers. Your doing fine. My wife doesn't ride much because of fibromyalgia but loved the experience.

Joseph, Texas -

Our guide was excellent. He made us feel welcome and safe, so it was a very pleasant experience for me as a first time rider, and I would gladly recommend your stable to others. Thank you.

Melanie, Colorado -

The horses very manageable for first time riders! The scenery was amazing and the 1 hour ride was a perfect way to start our vacation!

Melissa, Connecticut -