Folks from all over the world travel to Arizona in order to experience the raw beauty of South Mountain Park. Many choose to explore the area on horseback and Arizona-Horses Ranches, Inc. is the largest outfitter in the state.

Something for everyone…

1 Hour $60.00
2 Hour $90.00
***Minimum age for a single rider is 6 years old.

Evening Ride $60.00 per person
T-BONE STEAKHOUSE RIDE $75.00 per season
(see T-Bone Ride page for more details and information – Must be 13 and older to do the T-Bone steak ride.)
(see Cookouts page for more details and information)
1. BREAKFAST RIDE $70.00 per season
2. LUNCH RIDE HOT DOG & HAMBURG $75.00 per season
3. DINNER RIDE CHICKEN OR STEAK $80.00 per season


Children less then 2 shouldn’t and are not allowed to ride.

Children 2 to 5 can ride with an adult (same cost for kids on own horse or double, same price an adult)

Children 6 and up ride their own horse. On occasion a 6 year old will be allowed to ride with an adult if the adult is small, the child is small and we have a horse that takes doubles. In these cases we will let the 6 year old ride with an adult but they will still pay the full horse price.

Must be 13 and older to do the T-Bone steak ride.