My 7 year old son gave this whole experience two thumbs up. We would have done the same but we wernt quite confident enough to free up our hands and let go of the reigns. It was a great memorable experience and the head wrangler as well as our guide, Adrian, were absolutely fantastic. Thank you so much for being available to some Phoenix locals on hot summer morning :) We would love to come back again and will.

Ted, Arizona -

This was my third an favorite time using Ponderoda stables. It was my boyfriends birthday and we did the T- bone ride. I am an Arizona native and the sunset was one best I have ever seen, especially from horseback in the mountains! The food was also spectacular. Thank you Ponderosa for making this a special event!!!

Tina, Arizona -

The trail ride was really enjoyable. Our group, ranging from 6 years to 68, all enjoyed the ride. Our 8 year old was reluctant when he saw the size of the horse, but the head wrangler went out of his way to help him overcome his fears. The was a nice lop, with some inclines and declines to keep the ride interesting. We learned about " lightening rock" and the 900 year old cactus. This ride was for 1 hour, next time we'll likely do a 2 hour ride. Everyone had a fun time.

Tamora, Arizona -

I had Tish who was an absolute sweetheart. She listened to cues and after I firmly established a no snacking rule , she quit trying to eat along the way. She is an excellent horse. My brother had Mississippi and he loved how smooth the ride was. He said he had the best trail ride horse he has ever had. And Stacy had Mo, who was a little stubborn on the "go" but also very careful over the rocks. She had a hard time keeping up with everyone else, but he was sweet other wise.

emily, Arizona -

Great ride, sunset was beautiful. Dinner was great.

erica, Nebraska -