We had a great time one of the best ways to enjoy arizona's desert scape 7. Please use the space below to describe any improvements you'd like us to make. It was great none needed

Chris, Arizona -

This place is great! I was worried at first because I have never been on a horse but the horses and guide were nice and made me feel at ease. It's a good place for beginners and I hope to return in the future.

Willa, Arizona -

I have shared our riding experience with folks at work and church. They were enthusiastic and now know of your location for bringing their families. The "step stool" was a fantastic way of getting off the horse. Wish I'd known about it for getting on. However, it entertained my family if nothing else.

Ms. White, Arizona -

It happened to start out with temps in the mid 90's the day we went out on the desert ride with Jake. He was certainly a font of information about everything from snakes to foliage, and the Phoenix area and its history to petroglyphs. As it happened, it went over 100 degrees but wasn't as noticeable because as everyone says out there, "It's a dry heat!" If you go please take a couple bottles of water to drink because you'll need them to stay hydrated... even if you don't feel like you do. It was a fun ride with a really great trail guide. We'd do it again for sure! 7. Please use the space below to describe any improvements you'd like us to make. Can't think of anything right off. Just wish I could have trotted or cantered some, but because of the terrain and park rules I understand it's for our safety and the horses too! If we return I hope Jake is still around, because he was a great guide.

cat and Bob, North Carolina -

The view was beautiful, our wrangler was fun and informative. If there is any where to go riding it's in AZ! And the best place is here! For my very first time in AZ I was very happy to spend my time here! Addison was our guide

braandie, Michigan -